New Worst Commercial Ever?

K&G, the self proclaimed ‘Fashion Superstore,’ just popped onto my radar with their latest commercial. The spot disguises itself as an actual 911 call, with the caller’s reported crime being that her money was taken at the department store and all she got in return was a dress.

The main problem with the ad is that there is no logo or any other indicator visible during the commercial to let the viewer know it is not a real emergency call. The only clue is the bad acting on the part of the female caller (the male 911 operator is actually pretty spot-on).

On the surface, this ad seems like a good idea. It gets the viewer’s attention and it is certainly different than most ads we see for department stores. What I find hard to believe is that it actually made it through to the air in the form we see here. The only explanation I see is that the agency executed a clever usage of viral marketing. They knew this ad would create buzz. They managed to generate that buzz without directly offending anyone and without major repercussion.

The agency responsible for this ad, Devito/Verdi, is a very well established and respected firm. They knew what they were doing. Didn’t they? Oh, to be an insider…

EDIT: It seems Devito/Verdi is also responsible for the dreadful Legal Sea Foods ad I mentioned in a previous post. Time to reboot, fellas!


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