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Oh OJ – Tropicana swings and misses

Tropicana. We all know it, we have all drank it. What do I think of when I hear the brand Tropicana? I think of the arced text of the brand name on the carton, I think of a straw in an orange and I think of drinking OJ as a kid.

Hello, old friend.

Hello, old friend.

Around Januray of this year Tropicana launched its new packaging, which looks (looked) like this.

I like it...except for the vertical text...yuk.

I like it...except for the vertical text...yuk.

I have certainly noticed the new packaging while out and about. I though it looked fresh and clean. A nice update to a fairly worn out design. I did wonder to myself if the brand was very recognizable as Tropicana anymore. The vertical text makes it hard to read, and the complete absence of the old style of packaging made it seem more like a new product rather than simply new packaging.

For the official take on the reasoning behind the switch, you can look here.

Some snippets:

The design team decided to take full advantage of all of the dimensions of the packaging. A picture of a glass of orange juice spans across the oblique corner of the carton. The idea was to create some perspective on that corner so it is not sharp or angular.

Arnell (head of the Arnell Group) said the team was instructed to use “Obama-esque design language that was clear, simple and profound.” This meant placing the words: “100% orange pure & natural” front and center.

The new packaging has 20 design trademarks and copyrights. It took 30 people five months to develop it. Three alternative designs were scrapped including a revised orange and straw version and a Pepperidge Farm-like depiction of an orange grove.

Well, with all that thought and experience , what was the result?

Within 4 months Tropicana sales have dropped 20%. This leaves one to wonder the most obvious question…What kind of research did they do before rolling out this new design? According to Carol Parish, the new design tested very poorly, but was still put through to the shelves.

It’s hard to believe that, even on the highest of levels, research can be ignored and a redesign can be launched to such pitiful results. According to AdAge, the campaign has cost Tropicana in the tens of millions of dollars. It’s amazing what a package reboot can do for a company, or to their agency. I think it’s safe to say Arnell will not be brought back. Say hello to the new Tropicana packaging!!

Looks a bit familiar...

Looks a bit familiar...


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