Sesame Street Silliness

I love me some Ricky, or ‘Gerv’, as Sean puts it.




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Comcast, Juno

Have to say, I do not like the new Comcast commercials with the Juno ripoff style. At all.

Comcast Commercial:

First, it’s over a year too late in the making. It feels like one of those Meet The Spartans movies in commercial form. Have these creatives been watching Juno on HBO as much as me? Seems so. Great movie, btw.

Second, the delivery of the song is so lacking in originality that it not only apes Juno, it immediately brings to mind a commercial. Strike Two!

Here’s where I seriously consider calling the copycat police while I ring you up with strike three..

The title of this campaign is ‘Dream Big.’

Is anything about this campaign original?

Is anything about this campaign original?

That’s also one of the most popular quotes from the movie:
Bren: When you move out I’m getting two Weimaraners!

Heck, it has even inspired this novelty shirt:

I wonder how many of these shirts sold...

I wonder how many of these shirts sold...

What might have been interesting a year ago is just lazy and boring today.

Some, do like it. I can’t
get past the stench of the retread. Did Diablo Cody get handed a duffel bag when I wasn’t looking?

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Zazzle, Spreadshirt and CafePress

the Zazzle store is up. So is the Spreadshirt one. CafePress took down a couple of my designs and the method of getting them back up is just plain tedious and pathetically archaic in its methodology. But, thanks to their idiocy, I have spread my items out further. I made a sale on Zazzle within 24 good.

Changes abound to both stores.

In the meantime, Spring Break is over and I didnt go anywhere. I did, however, beat Fran at Scrabble about 25 times (she beat me maybe 5 or 6).


Someone please talk me out of getting a second dachshund!

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Ok, this is getting to be an addiction. I am spending all my time making things for this site. I refuse to check the sales charts, though. There’s NO need to do that daily…Well, I gotta go check my sales charts now.

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More items for sale..

The store is growing quickly. I am trying to stick to the theme of only adding items I would buy, although logic is kicking me in the bum and saying I should make things that others would want. Damn you, logic.

I added another Rickson item, another Lyoto item, a Muay Thai item, a simple Fedor item (80s throwback), a red letter day has been revisited, and I brought SEXYAMA back (these will never sell). If you dont know who he is, well, shame on you…and, you will know him soon. His sexyamaness can no longer be contained.

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My Cafe Press Store

My Cafe Press Store is up now. I will be adding things at least on a weekly basis.

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Buy me this, please.

I want this so bad.

Also, while we’re talking about Michael…check out the list of things they inventoried from his house for the upcoming auction. I like #4829.

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